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August 05, 2021, 11:13:13 AM

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11 months ago by shadav
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Topic: History of Foamy The Squirrel  (Read 296 times)

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    History of Foamy The Squirrel
    « on: a year ago »
    « Last Edit: a year ago by shadav »

    One review has described the comic as being a mix of "Tim Burton, Ren Höek (of Ren & Stimpy), Jhonen Vasquez, early Simpsons and a heaping dose of misanthropy."

    The cartoon was originally hosted on www.4yrecords.com. It was later taken down and everything moved to the iLL WiLL PreSS website. The original strips are no longer available, except for the very few early "Foamy's rants" from the 4y Records Archive
    The first cartoon on the Internet was "Distractions," followed by "Pen of Doom", uploaded to Newgrounds in December 2002. It was followed by "Squirrel Pulpy Fiction Thingy," (a controversial and very violent game; its title appears to take on the high levels of violence in Quentin Tarantino films) in January 2003. These two have been later removed, with the explanation on Squirrel Pulpy Fiction Thingy that "I got bored with it and I'm sure it's warped enough minds ^_^."

    The only one of these "un-numbered originals" that remains on the popular site is a short based on a skit from the comic, named "The Joyful Suicides Of Reese Witherly," which has been on Newgrounds since March 2004.
    Other "un-numbered originals" are at the Friends of Foamy fan site, "Maid of Horror" (2003). "Innuendo Stare Down" (dating also from 2003) is a clip of Germaine with a lollipop. These originals are characterized by poor animation and audio quality in comparison with later episodes.
    An official episode was submitted on June 9, 2004 then "blammed" on April 5, 2006 from Newgrounds called 'Rules For The Masses'.
    There is also the unofficial 'iLLegal Immigrant Special', which was submitted to Newgrounds on 29 March and was "blammed" on 2 April.

    In 2011 Foamy The Squirrel got a reboot
    "For folks wondering what's going to happen with the Neurotically Yours series, there's not much to tell really. Since "The Reboot Button" episode, Germaine was given the opportunity to take a different path than the one she was on. Rather than staying in NYC, an unaffordable endeavor, she opted for a move to her grandfather's house where she acts as care-taker. Though she's managed to side-step the financial issues that had her spiral out of control into a self-sacrificing, morally debased character fighting to keep her poetic aspirations alive, she's now re-located to a town where she doesn't quite fit in. Her personal turmoil may no longer be based in finances, but the "odd one" in a small town comes with it's own drawbacks.

    And what of Foamy? Eh, he's not a big fan of being uprooted from the city. So while Germaine's "sexual content" has taken a 90% nosedive, Foamy's anger has been raised 150%. Though they have moved, Manhattan is still just a bus ride away, and all the familiar city dwellers folks loved in the original series will still be making appearances. Besides, it's also a good chance to explore the benefits and drawbacks of living in both a big city and a small town and the perspective of the people in those locations, how they react to outsiders and so on. Sometimes you don't have to leave the country to be in a foreign land." J.I.M.
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