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October 25, 2020, 04:09:30 PM

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Author Meet Foamy  (Read 167 times)

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Meet Foamy
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Quote from: J.I.M.
Foamy the Squirrel is the all-knowing, hyper-logical, ranting squirrel known throughout the lands for his Squirrelly Wrath & infamous cult. Well, he's working on a cult. He lives with Germaine, his goth chick owner, as her unassuming pet... when in reality, he's plotting to enlighten the world through infallible logic and enforce that logic with an army of robots created from discarded automatons and the brains of his former dead owners. Crazy, no? His anger knows no bounds! He is your Lord & Master : FOAMY!!!
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Re: Meet Foamy
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Meet Chibi-Foamy
Quote from: J.I.M.
Not yet set on obliterating all of humanity, Foamy is Germaine's sarcastic pet squirrel who seems to have a knack for stringing together a set of words that can instantly infuriate anyone. He follows Germaine around, mostly for the free food, but also lends a hand with his infallible logic.
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