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January 15, 2021, 08:52:20 AM

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Author Meet Germaine Endez  (Read 258 times)

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Meet Germaine Endez
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Quote from: "J.I.M."
Germaine is a struggling poet who has moved from New York City to Connecticut due to lack of money. She's constantly at odds with the world and the roles it places upon her. Angry, depressed and all around moody, she's an outsider among outsiders. Always seeking to be seen as more than a sexual object, she's in a constant conflict with a society that deems her to be nothing more than a pair of boobs and a jiggly butt. Now residing and watching over her grandfather's house, she's sidestepped the financial troubles of "the big city" and has fallen into the trap of being a stranger & an outcast in a bizarre little town.

UPDATED: She recently quit her job at Walk-Mart and took the position of model for an art school in NYC where she feels her body can be appreciated on an artistic level, rather than a sexual one.

Quote from: "J.I.M."
Germaine is a struggling writer and poet who lives in her own head. She twists reality in her mind in order to cope with it's soul-crushing boredom. A guy delivering a pizza, could be a potential stalker. A neighbor and his dog could be searching for the secret of a mythical squirrel that just so happens to be her pet. A boring job as a coffee-house clerk could be so much more fun with magically enhanced breasts. She writes her own reality and we're all just reading along... unfortunately, we're not sure who is writing whom.

The skinny waif of a girl riddled with anxieties or the unstable gothic bombshell who takes crap from no one? Any version of her could be the potential author of her story. Which one? Who knows... Her life is an open book, and we're all just reading along. Enjoy the ride.

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Offline shadav

Re: Meet Germaine Endez
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Meet Chibi-Germaine
Quote from: "Quote J.I.M."
10 years old and a bit of a misfit in her class, Germaine likes spending her time playing video games, goofing off and just being a kid. She moved in with her Grandfather, Ollie, after her father abandoned the family and her mother was deemed "unfit" to take care of a child. Unphased by the upheaval, she goes about her day roaming the streets of NYC, searching for urban treasure and running amok in candy stores. She is always accompanied by her faithful pet squirrel, Foamy!
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