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November 23, 2020, 02:32:19 PM

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Author Welcome Kevin Martinez  (Read 7 times)

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Welcome Kevin Martinez
« about: 3 days ago » Logged

Hello Kevin Martinez and welcome to Foamy Fanatics

Please feel free to introduce yourself here :)

Foamy be with you
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Re: Welcome Kevin Martinez
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so, I've been a fan of Foamy for something like 14 years, and I haven't stopped.

I was lead to this particular forum because one day I noticed that a bunch of Foamy episodes have disappeared from YouTube, and your site has the only viewable version of one of the ones I was looking for (Lunch with the Hatta). Are you guys preserving episodes from YouTube skullduggery?

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Re: Welcome Kevin Martinez
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hey there :)

years and years ago I had contacted J.I.M. to get his permission when he was looking for people to help host episodes (back before youtube was a thing) and then again a few years ago when youtube started cutting his revenue and removing "inappropriate" videos....every few years I shoot him another email just to make sure he's still ok with me hosting his stuff.

While I have nothing to do with J.I.M. and his work, this is merely a fan site trying to help him out and host all of his episodes...one day I hope to be able to help him to earn revenue (and as it stands any revenue that this site makes I will send to him)

Where possible I post the youtube videos with the alternative hosted video here. So that way he still hopefully gets revenue from views...
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