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January 27, 2021, 04:49:20 AM

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« about: 12 years ago » « Last Edit: 5 months ago by shadav » Logged

I am familiar with actionscript 2.0, and am a comparatively good animator.
I could make a Foamy game, and had the Idea quite a few times, however I just don't have any good idea for a lengthy, fitting, good game.
I think that with a little work,learning that extra content needed, and some experimenting with scripts, I can make a good game.
Foamy has little to offer in games...except some sort of rant game...But I never was too bright, so I ask you, the loyal fans of Foamy:
Any good ideas?

[All except platform games Mario style!
A)It will suck
B)My platform engine is not yet completed, and I am still experimenting with advanced options ]

Thank you for reading this.
And thanks even more for help!

Offline shadav Show only replies by shadav

Re: Suggestions
« Reply #1 about: 12 years ago » « Last Edit: 5 months ago by shadav » Logged

lmfao oh common....did you forget the "Nuts To You" episode?
There's a fun little game for Foamy fans ;) throwing acorns at people

or a pacman-ish type game of Foamy chasing Bagels

there's so many phrases you could use "Stab You In The Eye With A Really Hot French Fry" comes to mind....
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Offline Eeevil Show only replies by Eeevil

Re: Suggestions
« Reply #2 about: 12 years ago » « Last Edit: 5 months ago by shadav » Logged

You see, I just don't want to make a game, like those flash mini games that people get bored of after 2 minutes of playing.



Started by shadavBoard Season 4

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by shadav


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