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March 07, 2021, 03:43:53 PM

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Topic: Meet Sue Z. June  (Read 147 times)

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    Meet Sue Z. June
    « on: a year ago »
    « Last Edit: 7 months ago by shadav »

    Quote from: J.I.M.
    Sue Z doesn't say much... if anything. She's a mute by choice, with the only words ever spoken being, “I don't speak because no one listens.” A well versed hacker, she communicates mostly by texts and has a penchant for shocking people with a taser. She spends most of her days hanging around a local record shop and acts as a bouncer of sorts, kicking out unruly or annoying hipsters. She's the founder of “Bones & Shadows”, a roller derby team she skates with on the weekends. Comprised of a group of extremely tough women, they take great pride in the number of opponents they've sent to the hospital over the years. She currently lives with Salt Forester in a storage unit in N.Y.C.

    from the 4y-records series
    Quote from: J.I.M.
    No one knows if Sue actually works at 4y-Records. She shows up at 9 a.m., leaves at midnight, stocks shelves, and reorganizes areas of the shop. She's never collected a paycheck, never says anything more than a dismissive grumble and occasionally acts as bouncer to unruly customers. Riddled with suicidal tendencies (not the band) she's an unstable powder keg of despair. Her favorite genres are Goth & Punk and has a penchant for slapping Emos. (Frankly, Sue Z may not even be her real name) Who is she?!
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