Fan art anyone?

Fan Created Avatars, Images, Wallpapers, Ect..
Fan Created Avatars, Images, Wallpapers, Ect..

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Fan art anyone?

Post by Eeevil » 11 years ago

NOTE: if you want to get right to the question, skip to the last sentence.

I had an idea of making a meter-high painting of foamy either holding the bible(From the "amplified bible" episode, when he screams "and god said 'let there be light!'") while his other hand is high in the air, and he is looking up high at nothing, as if dreaming of somethign good, or having a vision of the whole world.

Another Idea was making something similar, only without the bible.
Quite frankly, even though I do not have the talent of painting....and I can't practice any yet, I doubt that I will make a p*ssed off foamy painting, because in my opinion, foamy himself, while in a pose such as described above, is foamy in his best, and I love him a lot more when he is like that.

I've also had an Idea of adding things to the painting...for exampel that saint-guy glow around the head that you could see in the jesus paintings, to discribe foamy for a right squirrel amoung the blind, however, no decision is made yet.
I'd still love to have a high quality Foamy painting at my boring white wall.
But here is the bigger problem...what high quality?
I cannot think of how to make foamy look better besides of adding shadows and light effects to the painting!
I've seen fan art that draws him differently, but it is not so good.

But that's just about it.

So, any Fan Art out there?

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