Classic Episodes Are All Up... I think I've lost my mind

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Classic Episodes Are All Up... I think I've lost my mind

Post by shadav » 6 months ago

wheh #:-S ... let me tell you... binge watching all 9 seasons in a weeks time =)) 8-} @-) and then some (watched some other episodes too :p )

the squirrels......the squirrels.... they're all in my head man....they're in my head =;

I know I'm missing a few, but I can't find them...ya know 6 years ago, I was only on around season 6, so I didn't have most of the files from the "newer" seasons... I found most though but not all....
and found some other stuff ;) that I'll be posting at some point... but for now.... I'm taking a break
=)) yeah right, I'll be back, maybe tomorrow, if not in a few days (I do have a life outside of here and my other websites lol.... ok not much of a life but still....mostly just gotta work :ymtongue: )
Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up and get each series up and posted within a week (for each series) so that hopefully I'll finally be caught back up to J.I.M.'s new stuff

I'll also be working on adding things to help support him (either through ads provided by him (yeah I emailed him to make sure that I still have his permission to host foamy) or/and through donation links to his stuff (like patreon and ect)... and using the youtube links on newer stuff, so he gets some money from that too)

I'll still be keeping backups of files, but I think once I start getting into the newer things I'll just use his youtube videos to help him out, while on the older stuff still hosting them myself, as youtube can be a bitch and removes shit all the time.... I think hosting the files and placing ads and donation links to him would work out better, keeping his works unadulterated and not watered down for the youtube....but this all depends on if he gets back to me, what his call is on this :)

Obviously I just want to spread the foamy goodness :ymdevil: but still make sure J.I.M. gets his credit and hopefully some profit from it.

As it stands, the Foamiki uses his youtube channel videos (it's in need of some major repairs, yeah yeah I'm trying to work on it)
and the forum will most likely be his videos hosted by me (except for newer episodes)

and I've gone of rambling again....

so yeah.... All 9 seasons of the Classic Series is up, sorted and tagged! ENJOY :D


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