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Title: Neurotically Yours Not For The Faint Of Heart
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Neurotically Yours Not For The Faint Of Heart...

By Mistress Cinka
ARTICLES | January 2003 (

If you take Tim Burton, Ren Höek (ala Ren & Stimpy), Jhonen Vasquez, early Simpsons and a heaping dose of misanthropy, you get Neurotically Yours, a new comic by Jonathan Ian Mathers.
In production for over a year, Jonathan Mathers spins yarn of a psycho goth chic and her pet foaming squirrel (which would be cuddly except for those darned rabies). Neurotically Yours is the epitome of DIY. Mathers has already created 5 issues in his basement on a standard color copier and has established a pretty nice following. Neurotically Yours is what happens when good kids go Goth or art imitates life. This comic is something unique, hysterical and truly dark.
Characters Germaine and her pet squirrel "Foamy" have  adventures every Goth can relate to; bad dates, coffee house musings and the occasional run-in with Satan. Our heroine is crass, misanthropic and cute as a button. She's fueled by sugar, ill will and the desire to be left alone. She and Foamy kill, maim and think bad thoughts. In other words, they have a good time.

The artwork is done well and the dialogue is so truly twisted, it's simple to become a fan. Its sincere humor comes from the darker regions of Jonathan's mind and is partially due to an alien implant. This makes for a great little story that has you relating in a way that's sort of scary (scary ha-ha, not scary peculiar). Sardonic by nature and completely politically incorrect, Neurotically Yours also has this nasty habit of touching on subjects that really matter; despair, the fall of western civilization  and people who just suck. It's impressive when someone can create a work that touches on universal matters and then turn them into something we can all laugh at. It's also the sign of a good artist that does his best work when he's feeling depressed or manic, as Jonathan does.

Mathers has a dozen other projects in the works as well; including several other comics and a strange music project titled "Negative Sock Boy", some of which tie in with the comic.


When asked about his hopes for Neurotically Yours' future, Jonathan replied "...To get the damn thing printed by a good comic publisher and warp the minds of the masses. Also create a "Foamy" the squirrel plush toy that everyone can snuggle  up with or throw at people. I've also been kicking around some ideas for animation. A cartoon would be cool to do."

Neurotically Yours isn't all that similar to other comics in the way that it touches something real and desperate. Germaine is a true-black Goth girl, she feels despair, the artist's soul emerging from the pages, she's confused about life. Just when you think she's about to give up, she kills someone. Perhaps not far from the thoughts we all have standing in line at the coffee house or putting up with the idiots we can't seem to ditch. Most importantly, this little comic brings into perspective what being a struggling artist is all about. Jonathan Mathers is producing his work in any way he can and despite its not having a glossy cover, it's really admirable and worthy of success. Anyone  with any connections to comic book publishers should email Jonathan right now. Do it. Now.

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