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Title: Uber Boobed Germaine
Post by: shadav on June 11, 2009, 10:36:19 AM
lmfao, I saw this on the site and thought I'd share :)
Quote from: J.I.M.
June 6th 2009
Germaine Fan Art (LOL and so forth)
Like, 3 people sent me this image by GraphicBrat of an "Uber Boober" Germaine. The link goes to the uncensored image, (but you have to sign into deviantart for that). Where's our enormously exaggerated fat & bald version? (Don't send the guy hate mail for drawing it either. Some folks get kinda defensive about people drawing Germaine naked. If I can deal with it, so can you.) If ya can't laugh at the size of those boobs, you have no sense of humor ^_^
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